Noah’s Flood – Was It Real? Did It Happen?


     To see if Noah’s flood was real, there should be:
1…flood stories in ancient cultures and
2…physical evidence in the Earth of the cataclysmic event

1…Are there any flood stories from ancient cultures? There are over 300 flood stories from ancient cultures from all over the world on every continent. From Africa to China, India, the Philippines, Hawaii, South, Central & North America, Greece, Sumeria, the British Isles, etc.
As can be expected, these accounts differ a little but they all have one man or family saving themselves in a boat while the rest of the civilization gets wiped out because God or the gods were displeased for some reason. Many ancient cultures divide their history into pre- & post-flood periods. The pre-flood people all had long lifespans while the post-flood people had normal lifespans.

Here’s just an example of a few of these ancient cultures;

     Put them all together and they sound like this—Once there was a worldwide flood, sent by God to judge the wickedness of man. But there was one righteous family which was forewarned of the coming flood. They built a boat on which they survived the flood along with the animals. As the flood ended, their boat landed on a high mountain from which they descended and repopulated the whole earth. Sound familiar? It should!
Why would all these ancient cultures, now separated by geography, have similar flood stories if a global flood never happened?

2…Is there any physical evidence of a global flood? Yes and no!
No because most geologists bring up things that should result from a global flood but we don’t see in the Earth’s terrain. However, flood geologists can answer most, but not all, of these problems. Remember though that scientists are looking at the same set of facts. The only difference is in how they interpret those facts. One other thing that occurs here (and in other subjects also) is that many scientists have a natural aversion to interpreting data in a fashion that relates to ‘God’ or anything supernatural. This ‘colors’ their interpretation of the data.

     There are, however, 7 strong evidences for a global flood;
– fossils of sea creatures found high above sea level, like at the tops of the very highest mountains, due to ocean waters having flooded over them. For example, fossilized shellfish have been found in the Himalayas.
– rapid burial of plants and animals. Some animals still had undigested food frozen in their stomachs. Billions of nautiloid fossils are found in one layer in the Redwall Limestone of the Grand Canyon. This layer was deposited catastrophically by a massive flow of sediment.
– rapidly deposited sediment layers spread across vast areas. The chalk beds of England (the White Cliffs of Dover) can be found across Europe, into the Middle East and even parts of the midwestern U.S. and western Australia. These were deposited by huge water currents within days.
– rapid or no erosion between rock layers, but not gradual erosion which evolution predicts.
– many strata laid down in rapid succession. Rocks don’t normally bend, they break because they’re hard and brittle. But in many cases, we find rock layers that have been bent. This is due to rapidly being deposited and folded while still wet and pliable from the tremendous pressure of flood waters.
– almost all mountain ranges run roughly from north to south. If there was one super-continent before the flood, when that continent broke into pieces, the mountain ranges were formed when one piece of land bumped into another. The longest mountain range is the mid-Atlantic Ridge. It runs north to south down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and is on the ocean floor. On both sides of this ridge are sand deposits, which would be expected if the waters of the deep were broken up and burst thru the ocean floor. This video explains it best but you don’t have to agree with everything in this video to see what we mean. Evolutionary geologists have explanations for the above items but honestly, they’re pretty weak.

     There is much, much more proof of a global flood. The book that started the modern flood geology movement was “The Genesis Flood” by Morris & Whitcomb in 1961. Dr. Morris was a recognized expert in hydrology (the study of water) and was the Chairman of the department at Virginia Polytech University for over 20 years.

     While anything in history cannot be proven with 100% accuracy, overall the global flood has some positive proofs that point to its happening.

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For His Kingdom,
Dave Maynard